Vision 2025: Puneet Nigam Version 2.0

Vision 2025: Puneet Nigam Version 2.0

Puneet Nigam is a successful entrepreneur plus a married person who runs a blog “Admiring Life” which has over 180,000 members.

Admring Life - Journey of Positive Souls

He earns “Rs. 10 lakhs per month from his blog through consultations, counseling, mentorship & courses.

Personal Life

Puneet has “A Big Family House” where he takes care of his family first. He has also married the girl he loves and has two children. He also has “A Big Dog House” where he takes care of 500 street dogs and manages their well-being expenses.

Dream House
Image by Muntzir Mehdi from Pixabay

Puneet has traveled to 10 countries with his family and love and is living a grateful life.

Business Life

His Admiring Life Business is about giving wisdom on motivation, productivity, work & personal life balance, true love, physical well-being & mental health.

Admiring Life Youtube Channel has 50,000 subscribers and monetization money that comes from it is used for “social services”. The content of the channel is:

  1. Motivation
  2. Productivity
  3. Well-being, and
  4. How to stay happy.

He also runs “An Affiliate Blog” called (…….) where he earns “Rs. 2 lakhs per month” promoting self-help books.

Self-help Affiliate Blog
Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Puneet does occasional seminars and conducts 5 Days workshops every three months on Motivation & Well Being for the people who joined the “Art of Living” Happiness program at least.

Puneet is also “A Home Workout Fitness Trainer” who has trained over 100 people online with the message of staying fit in a busy life.

Puneet has written “Seven Books” up till now being:

  1. How to stay motivated? 
  2. How to maintain Work and personal life balance?
  3. Social services in a busy life
  4. How to grow in life?
  5. Nutrition and well-being,
  6. True love, and 
  7. How to build long-term relationships? 

Social Life

Puneet is running “An Environment-friendly Volunteer Group” that plants trees in five states of India and maintains it. 500 trees have been planted and maintained and watered daily.

Tree plantation
Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay


To contact him, mail him at [email protected]

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  1. Gagan Thakur

    Wow, glad to see your vision. You have great clarity of where you want to be, nothing can stop you. Keep it up bro. You are inspiring many 😊

    1. Puneet Nigam

      Thank you, Gagan Ji.

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