Six Ways To Build True & Genuine Friendship

Six Ways To Build True & Genuine Friendship

How often it happened that you try to do a conversation but fail to speak what you really want? How often do you really want to understand your friend’s concern but fail?

Sometimes, you know it’s not the behavior of the other person that holds you back, it’s just that you’re not taught how to deal with certain situations & people in life and because of that only, you end up not building true and genuine friendship.

Worry not! I have researched some of the key areas you can try to improve so that you can build true friendship.

If you feel connected over something, you sure do apply it and build genuine and true friendship in your life.

Six Ways To Build True & Genuine Friendship

  1. Let out your concerns

    Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay“>Let out your concerns


    Being totally non-judgmental, I can surely say, that if you hold on to the problems in your heart then things just get worse.

    Instead of worrying on the problems and how to express it, just express it. Honesty, I have been in this situation of holding on to problems for months and sometimes years but I don’t want this to happen with you. I know this feeling, so today, if you want to, do let it out.

    Lighten up yourself, express your problems and concerns.

  2. Be Vulnerable

    Engin Akyurt from Pixabay“>Be Vulnerable


    You know when you don’t try to fake things, you feel good.

    But, when it comes to being totally vulnerable to your dearest one, you tend to stop. Not because you shy, it’s because you have a feeling to not hurt that person but ultimately you end up doing so. Why? All because you hide the real you.

    You try to be nice and when you need to speak, you hesitate.

    So,  I’m going to say this and you’re going to hate me for that, it’s stop being nice and start being real.

    And, that’s how true and genuine friendship are made.


  3. Don’t Change Yourself, Be You

    Danielle Tunstall from Pixabay“>Be You


    You know I’m talking about what you can improve on.

    If you’re feeling that your friend should behave in a certain way, then I’m going to repeat, things will eventually get worse.

    You should accept your friend as she/he is and yourself too. Never try to force things, I repeat never.


  4. Understanding Your True Nature

    Niek Verlaan from Pixabay“>Be Understanding


    Just like you’re going to evolve, your friends will also. Change is part of the life for you and your friends.

    Let me tell you about myself, I’m a person who likes to control things which ultimately has caused a lot of problems in past. I needed satisfaction, agreement on each and everything which is humanly impossible. I learnt this hard way and had to make a lot of changes within me. The improvement took time but I’m okay with what I’m becoming today.

    Anyway, I do believe all happens whatever happens, happens for a reason. If I was not that person who like to control things, I won’t be here expressing myself to you on how you can avoid going through the same emotional torture.

    So, the only thing you should first do is understand, understand your true nature.

    i.) If you feel offensive, improve it.
    ii.) If you feel emotional, improve it.
    iii.) If you feel being dominated, improve it.

    Life is a balance of emotions and things take time. You move at your own pace and take your own time understanding your true nature.


  5. True friendship rises above all difficult life circumstances

    mnanni from Pixabay“>Friendship rises above difficult life circumstances


    Life will give you different experiences of emotions but you need to learn humbleness and gratefulness.

    A true friend is someone who wants your best interest which you should similarly try for people whom you feel are your true friends.

    Difficult circumstances can’t be avoided but you should never worry on the things you can’t control. Just like I said above, don’t force things. If the friendship is true, it will overcome all difficult life circumstances.


  6. Creating Healthy Boundaries

    NatureFriend from Pixabay“>Creating healthy boundaries


    You know true and genuine friendship is a pure bond but in that pure bond, you still need to care for yourself, love yourself and live with yourself. A true friend can only steer your ship but can’t handle it for lifetime. If you stop caring yourself, your friend will too.

    So, share, build friendship but have some healthy boundaries. 

    As a person who has felt a lot of hurt in friendship just because of not creating any healthy boundaries, I have felt a lot of pain and I don’t want that for you. So, never give full access of your life to your friend.

    A true and genuine friend will always respect you and will accept you as you’re. So, don’t worry and stop fearing in life. Learn to live happily with yourself and then with good company of friends.

    And, that will be all for today.

    I hope you learnt something.

    My Last Words

    You may find many articles but learning and taking away something from it is important.

    I’m just a person who has struggled a lot with friendship so poured in my genuine thoughts here.

    Accept yourself and let your friend accept you as well. If they do, they are your true friends. Never forget to give back the same kindness to your friends.

    Be grateful. Be you.

    I’ll see you in the next article. Puneet.

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