My 10 Ways To Stay Motivated In Life

My 10 Ways To Stay Motivated In Life

Well, being motivated and staying motivated are two different things. Let me explain.

“Being Motivated” is getting motivated from outside, maybe for you, it’s through this article, or from any video, or family members, or friends even.

But, no one can get you motivated from inside unless you decide to get motivated.

So, staying motivated is your job, even I won’t be able to help you if you choose to.


I’m here to do my work so here are My ten ways to stay motivated in life.

Ten Ways To Stay Motivated All The Time

  1. Following Optimistic People

    Yes, following the people who stay happy, who stay cheerful is the best option as their personality radiated so much of positivity.

    You learn so much from them. I have been staying with the positive people and they always guide what’s best for me.

  2. Reading Books

    Not the self-improvement books (although I love them), but the books and the topics you want to read.

    It gets you motivated because you know something more about that topic and you can use that knowledge for what’s best for you and others.

    So, read a book, whichever genre you like, whichever author you like.

  3. Take out yourself to malls & your favorite places

    This point might contradict if you already do a lot of it naturally.

    I suggest that if you want to get motivated to study, then stay indoors, study for an hour, and then think to take yourself around.

    This way, you’re prioritizing better.

  4. Discipline, a powerful drive

    Well, initially motivating you will help you  but what will help you more is your consistent hard work each day.

    To stay consistent each day, force  yourself like for 10 minutes at least each day.

    (10 minutes, or an hour, it depends on you.)

  5. Plan ahead

    Look, you still need to plan even if you’re out of time. I’m saving this to save your remaining time left which you want to get motivated for.

    How about making two days plan at the start? If that works, then plan for the next 5 days. I’m not saying you to make a 2 month or 2-year plan, just two days. Doable?

    Sure, it must be. Plan and do it. 

    (It is same for next five hours, if that much time left, concept remains the same)

  6. Time Management

    Just like you, each successful person has 24 hours where he/she utilizes his time better. Now, you may say, that “Puneet, I don’t know them personally. They aren’t going through the situations I’m going through”.

    I say, “Yes, you’re right. But you also don’t know what they are going through. They are too working as well as struggling. Everything is part of life, even struggles and happiness and at the same time.

    I used to think like this. But, no more. You and, we both have 24 hours, so let’s stop wasting our time and get the work done.

  7. Deadlines – Time to have one

    Make deadlines, you know it will be impossible for you to complete a certain task in the next two days or (x) no. of days, if you don’t make deadlines for each of your work or with whatever you want to get motivated.

    I believe in one thing,

    “1% is better than 0%. Something is better than nothing. Set impossible deadlines and give your best shot. You’ll be in for a surprise.”

    And yes, this won’t be stupid. Just give it all. You’ll be still blaming yourself if you just don’t take action, so why not take one and then blame?

  8. Smaller targets

    Set a minimum timer for yourself at the start and make smaller targets for each hour. 

    (It can be each day as well or each month)

    For example, if you have one hour left, make smaller targets like I’ll do this much in the next ten minutes. It will get you going. You should try it.

  9. Give it all

    Still not convinced? Okay, even if you have only 1% energy left, then still use it. That’s all needed to get you going.

    That’s how I too get started and I myself amaze myself, maybe, just maybe, trying a new thing today maybe work for you.

    “Remember, something is better than nothing.”

  10. Don’t think of success or failure, while you’re in the process

    Once you get started, you enter a process. In that process, you learn so much.

    Even if you fail and even if you succeed, you still learn.

    Hear me, success and failure don’t matter in the motivation, what matters is the start and the process.

    So, start now and enter the process.

    My best wishes.

Last Words

Give it all you have. Don’t regret that you could have tried at least.

“Remember, you learn each day if you try.”

Good Day, Puneet.

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