5 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents
5 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Parents

5 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents

5 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Parents

Final Words

I’m grateful that you choose to read my article. I hope after reading this article, your relation with your parents improves.


I know what you’re thinking, so please don’t worry. I won’t go in the directions where you may feel hurt but will try to give you all the information that is needed. 


Your parents are attached to you, so it’s natural for them to be emotional with you. Your parents might show their emotions by being caring, or by being angry with you. It can be any one of them.


Your parents, when you’re sad may like to give you space or likely to give you more attention in that period. It varies from parent to parent.


Let’s start with different ways to improve your relationship with your parents. All the points are from my own experience where I struggled to understand the emotions of my parents.


Way 1: Talk to your parents for 5-10 minutes each day


Give 5-10 Minutes To Your Parents Each Day

You may ask how is this going to help me? Please wait…


I know it should come from inside and not because I’m saying, but you understand things in life only by experiencing them.


You may be the most talkative among your friends but how talkative are you with your parents? No need to compare, just think for a moment.


If you understand what I’m saying, it’s easy for you now that you have to give time to understand your parents. 

This is why talking to your parents each day (even 5-10 minutes) helps you improve your relationship with your parents.


Way 2: If you react too soon, then give some space to your parents


If You React Too Soon, Give Some Space To Your Parents 

You know the way you react might cause tensions. This is why your parents need space from you (only if you react too soon).


How it can help you improve your relationship with your parents?


Your parents can see your emotions behind the anger. A little space and things change.


Do try it.


Way 3: If today is your last day, will you express how much you love your parents?


Love Your Parents Like It's Your Last Day 

If you feel too affected and get sad easily. Then, it is time you should start expressing the good feelings you want to show to your parents.


It’s never too late.


My Father says, “The time you wake up is good morning”. What he means the time you realize things is the best. 


So, it’s never too late.


One more thing, if you have busy schedules, focus on giving quality time.


Quality time is nothing much, if you’re physically present with your parents, then be mentally present with your parents at that moment as well. Don’t think that I have to do this in the next 15 minutes or that. 


Just live each moment and cherish life with them. 🙂


Way 4: Give no reaction to physical or emotional abuse


Give No Reaction To Physical Or Emotional Abuse 

If by any means, you get hurt by the words or by the beatings, don’t react. 


Become a better person, and let the goodness in you bring out the better.


Focus on self-love. 


Even Mahatma Gandhi says, “You can’t win someone’s heart by hatred. It’s only by love.”


Love yourself. Love your parents. Accept the parents as they are. Change your focus from hatred to love.


Try once from the heart and your relationship with your parents will improve.


Way 5: Parent’s Goodness


Parents' Goodness 

There is good and bad, both. In your parents, there is good and bad. But, what you’re going to see is your decision.


Know both sides well, but choose the path of seeing good than bad.


Circumstances change, situations change, and so do parents. All you need to do is start within. 


See the good in you, then you will see the good in your parents automatically.


It’s never too late.


Bonus Way: Give more than you receive


Give More Than Receive

Always give. Always.


Final Words


Life is a journey. Gain a fresh perspective and improve your relationship with your parents.


Good luck, my blessings are with you…


Puneet 🙂

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    Very nice article …..you explained in very simple but effective manner.👍

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      Thank you, Jayashree Ji. 🙂

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