What Are The 7 Basic Lessons of Marketing Online?

What Are The 7 Basic Lessons of Marketing Online?

7 Basic Lessons of Marketing Online

This article is part of the Digital Deepak Internship Program and here I’m telling you about the 7 basic lessons of Marketing Online. You can know about “Digital Deepak” from here.

It is for you:

  1. If you want to be a Blogger
  2. If you want to be a Digital Marketer, or
  3. If you want to simply “Earn Money Online”

Lesson 1: The Fundamentals of Marketing

Online Marketing

One lesson that really intrigued me in the “Fundamentals of Marketing” is to become a Category Leader in the market.

So, you may ask me what is “Category Leadership”?

Category Leadership

Category leadership is connected with the sub-niche you choose. For your information, “A Sub-Niche” is a market in an industry that you choose to blog about. For example, Blogging on Health and Fitness for IT People is a sub-niche.

How to check demand and competition in a market?

The best market is the one where there is both demand and competition.

Google Trends

You can check the data from:

You may have seen people writing on “Health and Fitness” and earning good money from their Blogs and selling their memberships and tutorials. But, there are too many people’s writings on the same.

So, what you can do is you can establish yourself in a “Sub-Niche” by writing on “Health and Fitness for IT people” if there is a demand for it. That’s called “Category Leadership.”

Similarly, you can also choose other industries if you’re not interested in the health industry, for example,

  1. Motivation
  2. Finance
  3. Digital Marketing

The Category Leadership can be:

  1. Exam “Motivation” for Schools Students
  2. “Finance” Blog on Bitcoins Investment
  3. The No.1 Social Media Marketer in India (Digital Marketing)

“You should neither go too broad that you aren’t able to establish yourself nor too narrow that you don’t find an audience.”

Niche Selection

Now, that brings me to another topic “Niche Selection”. It should be a combination of market, passion, and talent.

Niche Selection

So, what I’m talking about?

For example, if you want to be “No.1 Social Media Marketer in India” then you must understand these three points;

  1. Passion
    You should have an interest in it.
  2. Market
    You should see if there is any market for it and is there a real need for the Best social media marketer in India?
  3. Talent
    Do you have the skills to become the best social media marketer in India? If not, can you build it?

I cannot answer this for you, only you can but before choosing any category, you should choose your niche wisely.

The Laws of the Marketing

Another thing that intrigued me in the “Fundamentals of Marketing” is the Laws for Marketing and they are:

  1. The product should fit the market.
  2. Building good relationships with readers and customers.
  3. Capturing the minds of the people.

You know theoretically writing it and in real executing each aspect, for example, capturing the minds of people is very difficult.

With so much competition around, establishing your brand in the minds of people is a hard task. It takes lots of patience, hard work, and experience to get there and after lots of hits and trials, you understand what works and what not works to stay on the top of the online market.

Lesson 2: Traditional Vs Online Marketing

Being part of online marketing for four years and in traditional marketing for two years, I’ll try my best to put my points straight.

This is what I understood from my experience:

Point of DistinctionTraditional MarketingOnline Marketing
IncomeFixed Income & Steady GrowthExponential Growth but can’t depend on one source of income.
ManagementProper Hierarchy SystemRemote Working

Apart from this, the working hours are very different in both traditional and online marketing.

Whereat marketing online, you can work flexibly and automate your work by relying on tools to get the work done at the specific time of the day while in traditional marketing, you have to physically do everything on time.

In terms of reach, Newspapers, Radio, and TV Ads reach “masses” at a high cost whereas Online Ads and Digital Marketing bring personalized marketing in play. There is freedom in marketing online to reach a specific type of market and keep the budget as per the requirement and fulfillment.

Lesson 3: Understanding Economics of The Country

The economy of the country is run by two things,

  1. The income generated by the common person, and
  2. Utilization of money by the Government

How Economics Affect Businesses?

Economics for Businesses

From the Business point of view, if there is no money circulation in the market, then the economy of the country will go down.

“Economy boosts when the spending power of common person grows.”

Debt creates money

People take loans from the bank and then pay the loan with interest. The interest amount is utilized by both banks and governments.

“The more the people are in debt, the more will be the money circulation in the market.”

Now, suppose people stop taking loans. What will happen? The money circulation will stop in the market and the economy of the country will go down.

It is indeed good that people stop taking loans and are saving money instead of spending. But, if the expenditure goes down, then the sales will also go down and if there is nothing to sell in the market, then the government can’t generate enough money.

That is why income and expenditure should go hand in hand and money should keep circulating in the market.

Books Recommended to Understand Economics Better

You might be wondering why I should understand Economics to do Marketing Online?


You know Deepak Sir told me “A Good Marketer is the one who understands economics well”.

The books to understand economics better are: (Especially for Businesses)

  1. Economics 101: From Consumer Behavior to Competitive Markets–Everything You Need to Know About Economics by Alfred Mill
    It costs Rs. 715.
  2. Currency Wars: The Making of the Next Global Crisis by James Rickards
    It costs Rs. 1313.
  3. Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Picketty
    It costs Rs. 737.

Note: I have not consumed any of the above books right now, but if you want to understand economics better, then you should definitely purchase and read these economics books.

Lesson 4: The CATT Marketing Funnel

The CATT Funnel

Let me tell you what CATT basically stands for,

C for Content.
A for Attention.
T for Trust, and
T for Transaction.

This is the most used funnel method in marketing online to drive sales to an online business.

How CATT works?

Niche Selection

Before following the CATT Funnel, you need to choose a niche and we covered it in the “Fundamentals of Marketing” that Niche selection should be on the priority and to be chosen on the basis of your Passion, Talent, and Market need.

“Remember, choosing a right niche is a half battle won.”

Step 1: Content

After selecting the niche, you need to make quality content that is value-driven. You can provide quality content through blogs, videos, or in infographics forms which will provide the user with full information and help him/her make an informed choice in the market by consuming your quality content.

Step 2: Attention

The second step is to grab the attention of your user and you can do it by sharing your quality content on your social media channels that will drive traffic to your blog or youtube channel.

“Following” is made slowly by the trust.

Step 3: Trust

After having your user’s attention, you need to build good relationships with your readers. You should re-target them once in a while to hold their attention and give them value-driven emails.

Step 4: Transaction


Following each step right, you can make the sales now effortlessly. Users are not waiting for your premier services which will result in profit for you.

What mistakes do people make?

People without giving value-driven content or building trust, they try to sell their products in the market directly and fail. This is the reason why you should follow “The CATT Marketing Funnel.”

Lesson 5: Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

CATT Funnel and Integrated Digital Marketing Framework are the two important methods of Marketing online.

What Integrated Digital Marketing means?

Integrated Digital Marketing is the mixture of:

  1. Preparing quality content and sharing that quality content on your social media channels.
  2. Then, getting people from social media channels and driving traffic to your blog,
  3. Adding users to your email list by providing quality services over e-mail,
  4. By doing advertising over social media and running ad campaigns to attract more like-minded users which may like your services,
  5. By doing SEO to increase the presence of your blog over the web and over the search engines. SEO also helps in making your blog authoritative, and
  6. Finally, making profits by effortlessly making sales through affiliates, premier products, and services.

To understand “Integrated Digital Marketing Framework” in detail, visit here.

What do people mostly do?

People usually use Two or Three Methods of Integrated Digital Marketing, for example,

  • Using Social media channels only and Doing sales.
  • Writing Quality Content Blogs and making sales by Affiliate and AdSense.
  • Writing Quality Content blogs, Doing On-Page SEO, Sharing on Social Media to drive traffic, and making a little higher sales.

“But, if you use all the methods like email marketing and advertising campaigns as well and integrate each method with each other, then your online business growth becomes exponential.”

Talking about fear

Outsource work or hire Freelancers

Now, not everyone is able to develop skills in each method of marketing online, they simply outsource work or hire freelancers on a project basis to cover the missing parts of what they don’t know.

So, basically following the “Integrated Digital Marketing Framework” increases your business exponentially over time, even if you outsource work or hire freelancers to cover the methods you did not understand properly.

“The key is to utilize all the methods of integrated digital marketing framework for the maximum growth of the online business.”

Lesson 6: Importance of Communication Skills

Communication Skills

After understanding CATT Marketing Funnel and Integrated Digital Marketing Framework, Communication becomes a very important skill to learn and to sustain in the Online Market.

“Remember, good marketing is all about good communication.”

If your user can’t understand your products or services, no matter how good your product is, you will never be able to sell him/her anything.

How to improve your communication skills?

I’m no expert but,

  • Write daily for 30 minutes at least
  • Speak in English Daily
  • Watch English Shows or Sitcoms.

That’s all you need to start.

“Daily practice will improve your communication skills.”

Lesson 7: Personal Branding & Mass Trust

Personal Branding

You need to decide what you want to show to the world, your product, or your Personal Brand?

A Personal Brand?

Harry Potter Series is a product but very few know the creator of the Harry Potter Series. Apple is a company but very few know about the owner.

This is the most important question for you. Do you want to market your products or your Personal Brand and that only you can answer?

How to build a personal brand? 

  1. Build expertise by mastering a skill.
  2. Practice your skill daily.
  3. Become the skill.
  4. Promote your skill.
  5. Teach your skill, and
  6. Talk about your skill.

Evolution of A Personal Brand

Let’s understand “Personal Brand” by Mass Trust Blueprint:

Mass Trust - Personal Branding
  1. Learn
    Whatever you learn, you apply. By applying, you get a result. A good result or a bad result but you get a result. Put that result in learning and preparing better.
  2. Work
    Learning from your mistakes, you work and put your skills on a test daily. You work for other startups or work as a freelancer to get real hand experiences of the market.
  3. Blog
    Now with the learnings and experiences of working in the market, you can write on your blogs and teach your users about what works and what not works. This is where you build your expertise as a “Personal Brand”.
  4. Consult
    With consistent blog writing, you learn more and you guide more. You guide people through your courses and webinars or with one on one interactions online.
  5. Mentor
    Mentorship is now taking your consulting one step ahead. It helps you become an “Authoritative Personal Brand” in the market. You can now teach to “masses” or even run your own startup.
  6. Startup
    While you put consistent efforts in building your “Personal Brand” through consistent work, mentorship, and consulting, you can now set up your own startup and provide services to Big Businesses.

Example of A Personal brand

Jack Ma, Owner of Ali Baba (Online E-Commerce Company) who is more famous than his own product, Ali Baba.

Jack Ma, net worth in 2020 is 4,770 crores USD. You can read more about him from here.


Marketing Online is all about dedicating yourself to one niche and practicing it daily. At the start, you can experiment with what’s for you and what’s not for you. But, after you find your gold, don’t look back and start building your own online business.

You can start via:

  • Own Blog
  • Online Marketing Internship
  • Online Marketing Job
  • Freelancing
  • Working for free to gain some experience at the start.

You can also apply for Digital Deepak Internship Program – August Batch from here.

Topics we covered

  • Fundamentals of Marketing
  • Traditional Vs Online Marketing
  • Understanding The Economics
  • The CATT Marketing Funnel
  • The Integrated Digital Marketing Funnel
  • The Importance of Communication Skills
  • Personal Branding & Mass Trust

What’s even important?

  1. Consistent Learning and Practicing of Marketing Online Concepts
  2. Staying up-to-date in the market.
  3. By Executing the plans, and
  4. Becoming an action taker.

“The true knowledge comes from practicing the concepts daily, and if you understand any of the concepts above, then practice it daily.”

Thank you for taking out your time to read the article until the end. Please comment on your thoughts below on whatever you learned or anything you would like to share with me.

Do check out my first step in Marketing Online from here.

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