How to improve your relationship with your Girlfriend?

How to improve your relationship with your Girlfriend?

I’m not your loved one. I’m not in your close circle. But, still, I want you to trust me on this, give it time. There is no other way.

Improving your relationship is easy in the head but in reality you need to take action steps.

Action steps such as expressing the way your girlfriend can understand. You might be angry at her, you might be upset, but, if you want to improve things out, please take a step back and see the situation better.

One bad call and it just worsened things.

There might be many articles on the web and you want to scroll through the best tips at present. But, honestly, does it work?

Let’s be honest. You’re here and you want a solution. But, you know what, the solution is not what you get by distracting yourself and looking for tips from someone you have never seen or felt how he/she is.

I’m not your friend, I’m just a well-wisher. If you feel something that connects, give it time and I promise your relationship with your girlfriend will improve.

“You want to be heard, you want your things to be done first.”

I truly understand and I can’t show you the way you can understand. But, I do understand this  lot better than many out there.

Sometimes, in the process of wanting to be heard first or your things done first, you may break her heart. 

Sometimes, it’s not her ego, it’s just the way the girl is.

Sometimes, just let go of your anger, or the things you’re upset with and it will improve your relationship with your girlfriend.

I’m honestly not a guru who understands girls best but I just know that girls are human as you’re.

The way you want to be respected, she seeks the same.

The way you want to be treated, she seeks the same.

The way you want to be shown love, she seeks the same.

When you’re in a relationship, giving is more important than taking. It’s a mutual thing. You’re here for yourself, I get it. But, if you aren’t giving what you want. How will it work in the long-term?

If you feel my words, do apply. I wish for lots of happiness in your life. 🙂

Just for recap of what I really want from you is give time, express the way your girlfriend can understand, even if she wants to be no longer with you anymore. Give her that, if she goes, she was never yours. If she comes, you know a lot better than me than.

But, will you be courageous today? The world is a beautiful place but you can see its beauty only when you let things be and give time.

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