How To Start A Conversation With A Girl – Be It Online or Offline

How To Start A Conversation With A Girl – Be It Online or Offline

Feeling hesitant to start a conversation with a girl? Are you looking to have a long lasting relationship? Do you have bad past experience and want to recover from it? Are you bored and want to interact with girls for just fun?

If any of the above is you, then you’re at the right place. In this article, I’m going to give you some tips on how to start a conversation with a girl, whether be it in real life or online.

Things to remember before conversing with a girl –

(Disclaimer: Look, I’m just a well-wisher but I help as a friend. So, no attachments from my side. You’re fully responsible for your acts.)

  1. Be normal. It’s okay to text a “Hi” or send whatever is in your head. After all, it’s the real you. Speak naturally what comes in your head. You don’t have to be picky. Just relax and talk.
    You know with my research, I do see that you can have good opening lines before texting a girl. But, honestly, you should just text her instead of searching what to text her.


  2. Be expressive. Yes, I mean it. I mean why not! You must be confident of showing who you’re and what you have to offer in the conversation.

    You know, express your hobbies, your interests. It will help you. And you never know she might have similar hobbies/or interests.


  3. Be interested. But, hey! It should be genuine not for fun.

    (Reminder: See if she is interested as well.)

    I mean if the girl isn’t interested in talking to you, she is saving your time. You should never take things personally at least in the start. And, you never know there are many people who may be interested in talking to you. You can talk to them or if I come back you can wait if the girl gets interested in talking to you directly.

    It’s your call at the end.


  4. Be open-minded. I mean I know you’re not perfect. Even I’m not. But, we both can try to become better. Being open-minded is like not judging the other person for his/her opinions/looks/habits. (It should be the same for you.)

    Being open-minded helps both of you to know each other better as a person.

Tips on How to start a conversation with a girl


  1. Talk to express yourself

    I’m cutting the long story short, if you’re just here to impress your girl, then eventually she will lose interest in you.

    So, just express who you’re from inside. If she is interested, she will definitely respond and stick with you.
  2. Respect her boundaries

    Never try something or say something in which she isn’t comfortable. There is a line to everything and you must not cross it. You know you also won’t not like to be forced into something, it’s the same with her.

    And, guess what, when you respect her boundaries, she feels comfortable and feels interested. Also, she respects your boundaries and your time as well.

    (Although, each girl is different but it is common for most of the girls in my experience.)

    3. Make Time For Her

    I know, there is life for you without her as well. So, you need to make time when you don’t have time. You must invest time in your relationship. You know balance in life comes with experience. For you, it may be inherited from family but not for all. So, if it’s not inherited you need to learn along with life.

    Why not plan a weekend or take one hour from your busy schedule if you really want to talk to her genuinely? Think about it.

How to start a conversation with a girl online or on text?

Well, if she has given you her phone number, that means she is comfortable at least talking to you for now.

If she hasn’t and you’re trying to talk to her on social media, then you need to earn her trust at first place.

I know trust is like a life-long process but honestly saying you should start learning how to earn respect and trust from a girl in the first place? I’m not demotivating you just telling you the truth.

Anyway, if you still text her and if she replies with interest in you, you should continue asking some questions and get along with the flow of the conversation wherever it is heading. 

But, getting her number is important, as for me, that is a signal that she trusts you a little bit and is interested in talking to you. 

Moving on,

Conversation Tips while texting to a girl

  1. Look, medium is not so important, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram. It is just a place where you’re talking. Try taking it forward and meet the girl in real life. You know you can stop the hesitation and just ask her out for a casual meet. Just be normal in approaching her at least at the start.


  2. If she says, yes! Bingo! Build your friendship from there on. If she says, no! It’s okay. Maybe you both require more time to know each other well. You can ask each other about interests and hobbies. Just give things time.


  3. If you guys have met and all seems fine. You should now invest quality time in your friendship and relationship. It’s a process. Grow in it.

Some Last Words

You know all of these would only work, if you really enjoy the process of investing your time in friendship and relationships with no hidden motives basically.

Building something nice needs a good foundation.

Be Genuine, Be you. That’s all. Puneet!

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