5 Actionable Tips To Stay Happy Even If You’re Alone!

5 Actionable Tips To Stay Happy Even If You’re Alone!

Don’t worry! It’s okay. Everyone reaches a certain point in their life when they are not able to move on from their past relationship.


And, it’s not hard to stay single and stay happy.


Here are Five Actionable Tips that will help you stay Happy Alone:

  • Enjoy your own company

    Enjoy your own company

    You know my dear friend told me, that hey, “If you don’t enjoy your company, how can you expect someone else to enjoy your company?”

    That does strike me. He is right. Just like me, you might have activities, some hobbies that you really enjoy but you aren’t doing/performing them because you don’t want to at this moment.

    But, only way to feel better is to just to it. For me, whenever I feel tense with my own thoughts, either I play Rubik Cube, play online games or just take a deep breath.

    Some other activities I like are meditation, exercising. For you, it might be dancing alone, going to a cheerful/silent place (it can be any) or it can be playing cricket with friends whom you haven’t contacted from so long.

    Find your favorite activity, do it. Just enjoy your own little time.

  • It’s time to improve your skills

    Improving your skills each day

    Well, soft skills (like spoken English) or learning any computer language (like Java, Coding) or improving your handwriting?

    You know it can be anything. When you feel alone, try it.

    Improve your skills, may it be your drawing that you used to like doing or be building your body. Do it and do it for yourself because it’s high time that you invest in yourself.

  • You can manage time now!

    Time Management

    I mean it, it may sound to you that “Hey, I was more productive earlier”, but you know now that you have less things to focus on, you can put more focus on the work you’re doing.

    More focus on your work will help you as now you will have less anxiety for the work pressure. In the other time, you can try any new activity like any adventurous activity or any place you wanted to go at some time. Now, is the time to pull yourself and make yourself happy by utilizing your time in the places you feel peaceful.

  • Meet new people

    Meet new people

    Yes, it does work. You know happiness is a place where you feel relaxed. When you’re opening yourself up to someone new, you tend to express your real nature, well sometimes to impress or sometimes to express.

    Whichever is the one, you feel new energy coming your way.

  • Learning something each day

    Learning something new each day

    You know that you can get bored after some time, so keep learning. Learning can be from the same place or different place. For example, if it is, try reading different genres if you’re getting bored and not getting much value. If it is exercising, try some different exercise routine like weight training to cycling or martial arts (Self-defense) training.

    You will be confident and happy when you’re learning something new each day.




Whatever you try, try one at a time.


Recap of what we have discussed above –


  1. Enjoy your own company
  2. It’s time to improve your skills
  3. You can manage time now!
  4. Meet new people
  5. Learning something each day


Let me know in the comments what you will try today.

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  1. Jayashree

    Very nice article….I will learn something each day now😊

    1. Puneet Nigam

      Awesome, Jayashree Mam

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