3 Actionable Tips To Become Mentally & Emotionally Strong

3 Actionable Tips To Become Mentally & Emotionally Strong

You’re already a tough person, I mean look at you. You have taken a step, you have come to this article to seek out information for yourself. That’s the first step to become mentally & emotionally strong.

3 Actionable Tips To Become Mentally & Emotionally Strong

  • Taking out personal time for yourself

Personal Time for Yourself

You might be a parent, single or in the relationship, whatever it is. If you’re not able to stay strong, you need a break. I’m not suggesting, end anything. I’m suggesting take out time for yourself.

Sit with yourself, talk to yourself. It may sound tough at the start, but you need to. You need to become your best friend again.

Do whatever gels with your personality. For me, I write a diary because I like writing my thoughts, not so expressive when talking but way more expressive while writing. For you, it might be going out to a park, or going out to the mall.

Again, I’m not suggesting that we stop interacting with other people. What I’m trying to tell you is to understand the need of finding peace within. Do what makes you comfortable. Hey, how about cooking something today?

  • Staying strong in emotional times

    Staying strong in emotional times

    Easier said than done, I know. It’s so easy for me to write here and it’s way difficult when you find yourself in the exact situation.

    But, you know it as well.

    “Every weak person has to get stronger one day”

    This is no line from some book or finding from Google to paste here, this is straight from heart for you.

    You know there is no point crying, yes, I can’t believe I’m saying this. But, yes the sooner you realize, the better.

    Again, easier said than done. If you feel anything connected, even 1%. Then, my only advice is, it’s time, it’s time to rise up and face the problems/challenges. You (can) do it.

  • Being Grateful

    Being grateful

    Okay, yes, Puneet. Here we go again, I have heard you saying this a lot of time but you don’t know what I’m going through.

    True, I really don’t know what you’re going through.

    But, ever heard, life never stops teaching you and things are repeated until you learn.

    You know there are lots of things like training your mind, being mindful, responding to the things positively & not fearing.

    Everything is true and they are helpful.

    But, for me, all good things start from a place where you start appreciating the things in your life. Even if many things are taken away from you, maybe the things closest to you. But, there is still something you always have.

    To name a few, your good health, your ability to see the world, i.e your eyes, your ability to eat and enjoy food, your ability to walk (I don’t know about you but even me, I can’t think how people still live happily even without having the ability to walk. They are strong.)

    But, what I’m trying to say is people get up and after each downfall, they become stronger. You have heard stories, I have heard stories. It’s time to get up and be mentally and emotionally strong. It’s time for you to be grateful for the start of a new journey.


It’s a short read but choose to get stronger no matter what it is. This is your well-wisher, Puneet.

Recap on how to be emotionally & mentally strong:

  1. Taking out personal time for yourself
  2. Staying strong in emotional times
  3. Being grateful

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