From thinking to suicide on 5th Feb to expressing my life! THANKS Deepak!

From thinking to suicide on 5th Feb to expressing my life! THANKS Deepak!

From thinking to suicide on 5th Feb to expressing my life! THANKS Deepak!

Yes, you heard that right.

I started my 2020 with lots of bad emotions, with the knowledge of self-improvement and digital marketing I didn’t knew how to express it. Plus my life problems couldn’t give me peace as well.

On 5th Feb, there was my favourite Digital Marketing Mentor “Digital Deepak” Webinar. I thought to wait for it and then take any decision, weather be good or bad. 

Honestly, Deepak was telling me why we should join his Internship Program on that day, but I was only waiting to see the price of this program and see if I can enroll with the saving I have. I saw 15k and went for it.


I enrolled the program and attended the first class on 25th Feb, the information shared was little overwhelming, especially about “Global Economics” and “Personal Branding”. 

The assignment was to give an article about what I learnt from his webinar and marketing.

So, here come I decided to write my first assignment on my self-improvement page only. This article is the part of my internship program.

Digital Marketing is always my love, especially when I joined DSIM (Digital School of Internet Marketing) at the age of 19. From there on, I couldn’t fully establish myself in this field.

I always had this thing in me, that I’m lacking somewhere. No, this is not looking perfect. Erasing everything, trying bits of everything, leaving everything in middle but my interest was still fueling me try again and again.

Today, with the help of this internship program, I’m here to stamp my authority that I will not give up on my interest and no matter how much big the problems become, I’ll continue living my dreams of becoming a motivational person.

Learning from my 1st Class of Internship Program:

Lesson 1:  Learn, Do and Teach

Learn, Do and Teach

Whatever you learn you should do it, implementation gives understanding and how it works and when you implement, you learn how to tell things in a simpler way.

Lesson 2: Marketing Fundamentals 

Marketing Fundamentals

Digital Marketing involves lots of technology that has made marketing much easier. It is not about all its tools, it is  how you implement these digital marketing tools to convey your message.

To become a good digital marketer you need to first become a good marketer. A good marketer doesn’t depend on different tools he use, he utilises these tools to fulfill his customer needs and wants.

A good marketing is all about:

  • understanding your customer
  • understanding how to sell your products
  • understanding how to communicate

Lesson 3: Becoming a category leader 

Finding your category niche

Don’t write in a broad niche where there is already lots of information instead write into one segment of that niche and be a expert in it. For example, 

Digital Marketing (A broad niche) – 
SEO (a segment of it) and SEO for Ecommerce websites (category niche)


There are many people nowadays who are only willing to write on SEO and provide SEO services, that’s why you can cover a quality market if you only provide SEO service for Ecommerce sites and become a category leader in that. 

See the pic below, there are people there who only wants SEO for their ecommerce sites. (100 to 1000 people monthly)

category niche example

So, the opportunity grows to establish yourself in a category of a broad niche and still make good money out of it.

Lesson 4: Global Economics

Don’t worry I won’t bore you like Deepak Sir did. But yes, you need to be aware of your economy if you really want to become a good marketer. You need to understand certain concepts, like how debt creates money and how your business can survive in recession period.

Main takeaways:

  1. People will always pay you if your provide value, no matter your economy is booming or in recession.
  2. Debt circulation in country is important. If people aren’t taking loans then the money circulation in market stops.
  3. Banks won’t give loans to robots which can keep the money inflow and outflow going in market. Therefore, economy thrives when there is a money circulation in market.

“India is a developing economy where there is money circulation in market and the prime age is 28 years where people usually spend a lot and save less.  So, your business can grow in upcoming years if you’re in India.”

Lesson 5: Communication and Selling Skills

Good Communication Skills example

You need to sell products/services when you’re doing marketing and for that effective communication is essential. 

No one can teach you a perfect method of selling. You have your own style of telling things. But, you need to have a strong hold on your language. You can’t sell about your services if you aren’t able to explain it.

Some ways Deepak told to improve your communication skills:

  1. Read books (30 minutes daily)
    Start reading short stories and move to complex ones.
  2. Listen to podcasts (30 minutes daily)
    Download apps like spotify to listen podcasts.
  3. Write daily (at least 500 words)
    Write in the language you want to communicate and review by asking your work group how you can improve it.

Lesson 5: Integrated Digital Marketing

I have taken this pic from my mentor “Digital Deepak” blog, in which he explained how integrated digital marketing works.

Here is the page link if you wish to learn about integrated digital marketing:

One point that Deepak told me in the lesson was to give value to your customers instead of forcing them to purchase your products/services.

Digital Marketing only works if you build good relations with your audience and give value to them.

Lesson 6: How to select your niche? 

Niche is a topic on which you blog or do marketing. Health, Relationships, Motivation are some of the top performing niches. People writes blogs on it and earn money. For example, selling courses and videos on how to stay healthy.

Niche Example

Deepak explains that your niche should be a combination of passion, talent and market opportunity.

You should not blog in a market where there is no market opportunity to earn.

For example, a quality blog on a Persian Language. If people doesn’t want to learn Persian, you should not enter in that niche.

Niche Example- persian language

Even if you’re a passionate about Persian Language and can develop talent in it as well, you should not blog about it as there is no market opportunity for it. Instead you should choose niche like health where you can blog about healthy diets.

See the pic below, there are 10,000 to 1,00,000 people searching for healthy diets but aren’t able to find a quality blog which can satisfy their requirements.

Good Niche Example

Lesson 7: Branding


This was my favourite lesson Deepak Sir explained: 

  1. You should never fear putting out yourself on social media.
    There is a tendency, especially was in me, that I had the fear of people judging me on how I’m putting out my thoughts. The fear of being said negative words scared me alot. But, one should try to put their thoughts and accept any comments given.
  2. Own the internet
    Yes, own the internet. Share and show your marketing skills. Evolve..
  3. Personal Branding or Company Branding. Which one is better?
    Both are good. Only thing is what do you want, do you want to be remembered by the product/service or you want to be remembered by your name.
  4. Build you brand but maintain it.
    A brand is build in years but can perish if it doesn’t grow and stay upto market requirements.
  5. Value Creation
    If your brand focus on giving value to your customer, then you’re in for long-term growth.


This was my first assignment in DD Internship Batch 2. Deepak Sir, you’re an amazing person for me. I haven’t seen you in real but your support is gem.

Digital Marketing is indeed not easy but with good communication skills, awareness about your economy, value creation philosophy and engaging with your audience can really do wonders.

If you’re also here to grow. Comment below. 

About my mentor “Deepak Kanakaraju”

Owner of Digital Deepak Internship Program and one of the leading Digital Marketers in India.

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