Admiring Life Customer Avatar – March 2020 Happiness Survey – Analysis

Admiring Life Customer Avatar – March 2020 Happiness Survey – Analysis

Admiring Life Customer Avatar - March 2020 Happiness Survey - Analysis

Great start! The three days of survey were nice. I got to know you. A little overwhelming but nice to put out some answers to your life problems.

I was surprised to see most of you guys want to become a “businessman”. I would be engaging with you in that way only. (just kidding) 

The idea was to give you clarity and better purpose in your life.

Age Analysis - Survey

The survey went fine, most of my targeted audience were above 30. 

Biggest worry / problem - survey results

As per results, Money is the biggest obstacle my users are facing. I have started giving out some tips on mail which may come handful.

Are you happy - Analysis

While according to the 8 responses I got, 62.5% of people are happy but others still need guidance. Most common problems being Money and Relationship.

Means of solutions

Going ahead with the problem solving part and interaction, the initiative part has been done.  75% of my audience prefer “A step-by-step guide” and rest wants “A 30 second video guide”.

Interactions from my end has started:

Step-by-step guide after analysis

Initiated talking to two different users, with one requiring “A 30 second video guide” and the other “A Step-by-step guide”.

You cannot understand your customer needs in a day or in a week, it’s a continuous and ongoing process. I identified what people are doing right now for a living and how much people are not open to trust a new guy in the market.   

Problems in detail - survey

For example, only 2 people thought to give any detailed information. Others wants a step-by-step guide without providing me more information.

“But, trust is not built in one day.”

Improvements are being made and the better solutions will be sent.

This happiness survey will be conducted every month and with the more surveys, the better would be my understanding of you guys.

The interactions are a continuous process which has been initiated from my end. Good news! I’ll be conducting these type of surveys each month in a better way and in a better format to give you relevant questions and provide you with value driven and life-elevating tips. 

Till then, stay safe, stay well.

You can read and watch WHO (World Health Organisation) article here on what precautions measures you can take for the threat Coronavirus.

Looking for the form? You can still fill it here and get life elevating tips.

Admiring Life March 2020 Happiness Survey Form

Happy day, cheers.!

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