4 Action Steps To Take If Your Partner Is Changing
4 Action Steps To Take When Your Partner Is Changing

4 Action Steps To Take If Your Partner Is Changing

Action Step No. 1: Communication


Communicating your thoughts to your partner is the first action step you need to take. 


Your partner might tell you that he is going through any of the below reason:


i.) Family Conflict
ii.) Health problem 

iii.) Job loss


Majorly, these are the concerns in your partner’s head.

Action Step No.2: Understanding

Having an empathetic attitude (understanding attitude) is the second action step you need to take because your way of talking plays a good role in your partner’s change.

Action Step No.3: Giving some space

If your partner doesn’t respond to your messages and phone calls and tries to avoid meeting you, then the third action step you need to take is to give some time. (or let him stay alone, just giving him his own space)


Meanwhile, focus on the other aspects of your life:

i.) Your Family
ii.) Your Work
iii.) Your Health


“The more you care and love yourself, the more you’re able to stay in good mental space”


You have waited patiently and gave him his own space and time. Now, it’s time to communicate again. Your good mental state will surely bring in communication this time.

Action Step No.4: Listening

After the communication, you will get to know what’s roaming in his mind. He may tell you the concerns he is going through. If he does, then the next action step (fourth action step) is to understand what he is trying to convey to you.


You may see that some of the things are not making sense at all. But, some do. Focus on that only.


“Your nice behaviour of trying to stick with him in his down period will make your bond stronger.”


After the communication has been done properly, you come to a mutual understanding of what you both should do. 


I suggest that you stick with that decision. 


“Decisions that benefit both of you and your families are the ones that you should stick by.”

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