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Admiring Life is a self-improvement blog where you get weekly dose of self-improvement, productivity & motivational tips. Today, we have launched an e-book on different layers of life being real problems of life, positivity, relationships, your personality, your true identity and lots more.

Five Chapters of Life by Puneet Nigam – Free Ebook!

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What’s in the book?

Solutions & tips for positive mindset in every chapter of life, being- 

Chapter 1: Real Problems in Life
Chapter 2: Positives Sides of Life
Chapter 3: Reality of Life
Chapter 4: Relationships in Life
Chapter 5: You have the Best Personality in the World

What’s the content about?

Five chapters of life - Chapter 1

Problems of Life

In the book,  you will get to know the about the real side of life when you are in shortage of money, have less food to eat and have daily shelter requirements.

And, money, food and shelter problems are the biggest worries than love, ego and self-respect problems.

Get to know about the real sides of life.

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Five chapters of life - Chapter 2

Positives Sides of Life

You often forget about the things you should be grateful for.

Let me tell you some gifts of life you already have.

1. Clothes
2. Daily Food
3. A house
4. A Family

And many more gifts which I have talked in the book.

Get to know more about it, download from here.

Five chapters of life - Chapter 3

 Reality of Life

With series of people you meet, some you trust and some teach you the hard life lessons.

Whom to trust and whom to not, get to know from here.

Get your copy.

Five chapters of life - Chapter 4

Relationships in Life

All details explained in detail:

1. How to have good relations with yourself

2. How to have good relations with your family 

3. How to have good relations with your love

4. How to have good relations with your friends, and

5. How to treat strangers in your life

“You will get this information no where else. “

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Five chapters of life - Chapter 5

You have the Best Personality in the World 


Yes, you have the best personality. Get to know some real insights how to have confidence in yourself.

Check out chapter sneak peaks below.


Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 Sneak Peak

Chapter 2:

Chapter 2 Sneak Peak

Chapter 3:

Chapter 3 Sneak Peak

Chapter 4:

Chapter 4 Sneak Peak

Chapter 5:

Chapter 5 Sneak Peak


Website Creator: Puneet Nigam


Puneet Nigam is a life enthusiast who like to study on different aspects of life and how to give solutions to every aspect of life.

Puneet is an under-graduate from Delhi University and is currently a self-improvement blogger while also helping in Family Business.

Puneet is not so talkative guy but like to gather the best possible information on life and find solutions for himself and for others. 

Last chance to grab your book!

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