7 Actions steps to achieve long term and short term goals​

7 Actions steps to achieve long term and short term goals​

7 Actions steps to achieve long term and short term goals

What are your goals buddy? What is that thing that stopping you to achieve it?

Sometimes you don’t feel conversing. Sometimes you hide your things from everyone. There is a time when you genuinely need help and still don’t ask it. Right? 

Is it because everyone won’t understand you? Or is it because of your ego inside that tells you to stop asking for help?

Well, whatever it is, not fear because today you will get some action tips to achieve your short term and long term goals.

1st step: Define your goals

Short term goal:

  1. How many days you will take to complete it?

  2. What all things you need to complete the project, study material, laptop, etc?

  3. How much do time you need to allocate each day for your short term goals?


Long term goal:

  1. What is the target time you believe it can be done? 6 months, 2 years, etc?

  2. Micro-steps to complete it. (Micro goals for each month to get to 3 months goal or even two years goal.)

Whatever the goal you need to have clarity.

2nd Step: Get going and overcome every hardship

You need to start working on it without any further thinking. The more you waste time, the more you will delay it.

So, the second step is to get yourself going from this very moment.

Tackling daily problems and situations is another thing which you should overcome.

There will be many hardships that will stop you from achieving your goals. But you must fight until you reach your goal. No matter what it takes.!

So, therefore, the third step is facing each hardship with a strong mind.

Step 3: Keeping a strong mind

Having a strong mind is necessary or else you might give in between. Watching TV, conversing numerous hours with friends for nothing. It’s how it goes. You need to remind yourself of your goals each day and put the required hard work and consistency.

Step 4: Stay consistent with the efforts

Ups and downs are in each sector of life, the important thing is to stay consistent with the efforts.

Step 5: Don't go easy in end, push until the goal is achieved.

After tackling numerous hardships, don’t relax. The goals aren’t achieved yet. Keep pushing until you finally achieve it. Very hard step as you might feel relaxing a bit or reducing the efforts.

Step 6: The moment of truth: Victory or failure

Victory: Feel satisfied that you achieve the goal you desired. Celebrate a little, give a treat to yourself and then after a day again re-focus towards the new goal. As when you get to height, you aim for unimaginable heights.

Failure: Don’t put your head down if you weren’t able to achieve the goal. You know there is a thing that from every failure grows new opportunities”. Take your time, don’t be harsh on yourself, let people support you and you come up stronger again because I know only you can come again and achieve the goal but this time achieving it and that too in a quicker time. 

Step 7: No give up attitude even after failures

Put yourself up again no matter how hard it is because only you can do it in this world. No one else has even courage, only you have it and I believe in you.

Having a strong mind plus no give up attitude is a killer combination that I believe only you can have. 

Final words

Be it a long term or a short term goal, only you can achieve it. That’s what I believe. 

All you require is:

1. Defining your goals – How to do it, what things you need and at what time you can complete it?
2. Get going after defining your goals
3. Keeping a strong mind
4. Stay consistent with the efforts
5. Push till the end, don’t get lazy
6. Accepting victory or failure
7. Grabbing new opportunities and developing no give up attitude

I’ll see you next time, but till that time I know you will be much stronger and better and with the set of new goals hovering in your mind which I’m sure you will achieve.

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